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The Maroon-bellied conure is common in woodland, forest edges, and pantanal (in Paraguay, mainly along Rio Paraguay and major tributaries). In Brazil mainly in highlands up to 1400m, elsewhere in lowlands to 1000m. Tolerates disturbance well and even lives in urban parks (e.g., Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo) and feeds in gardens. Flock size is usually only 6-12 individuals, but up to 40. Omnivorous.

The Maroon-bellied Conure, Pyrrhura frontalis, is a small parrot found from Southeastern Brazil through Northern Argentina, including Paraguay and Uruguay and maybe the Eastern tip of Bolivia. These birds range from 25 to 28cm, and are primarily green, with a maroon patch on the belly, a yellow-green barred ("scaly") breast and front and sides of neck, brownish ear patch, black beak, and maroon undertail. The primaries are blue on outerwebs, green on innerwebs, and dark on the tips.


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