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The origins of the Marwari horse are unknown, as the evidence from documents such as Shalihotra (or Salhoter) texts and miniature paintings does not differentiate the variety of breeds. By traditional accounts, the Marwari horse has been bred in Rajasthan since at least 1212 C.E. It was originally developed to be a war horse. The breed was developed by the Rathores, the traditional rulers of Marwar, who had developed a policy of strict selective breeding. In 1193, the Rathores lost their original Kingdom of Kanauj, and withdrew to the remote areas of western India -- the Great Indian and Thar deserts -- where their horses were vital. From that time forward, they bred horses selectively to survive in the desert environment. Selective breeding produced a horse with speed and stamina. The Marwari was also bred and trained to behave courageously. It would not collapse, even when seriously injured, until it had carried its rider out of danger. It would stand near its wounded rider, biting and kicking at those who attempted to approach. Because of the warrior tradition in Jodhpur, which forbade non-military people from riding Marwaris, these horses were neglected during the British Raj and after Independence as well. By the early 1990's a government survey estimated that only 500 to 600 Marwaris remained. Their exportation from India was briefly prohibited under a 1992 biological conservation pact, and restoration efforts began.

The Marwari or Malani is an ancient breed of horse from the Marwar region in the state of Rajasthan, India. The Marwari was a warrior mount for the Rathore rulers of Marwar, including the war horse of Pratap Singh, Chetak. Selective breeding of these horses may have begun in the early 12th century. The animals were highly prized by the Rathore who esteemed them for their stamina, bravery and loyalty.


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