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  • not now mom! i'm redecorating!
  • mom says this looks like i had my picture done at a department store! hahaha!
  • i love my new Igloo!
  • peek-a-boo!
  • new petpen can expand 2 feet said after i use litter box continually
  • you must be Puzzle!
  • Hello there Adorkable!
  • see how tall i am now i'm still only 2-3 lbs. though :)
  • where did everybody go?
  • mom puts a cube in my petpen for playing hide and seek!
  • i also have two joining cubes to use as a tunnel!
  • i'm waiting very patiently to come out and play!
  • Adorkable and Me just chillin'
  • Puzzle saying Hello!
  • whatcha got there?
  • Oh boy! for me!
  • who left the door open?
  • this looks like my paper litter
  • see my cottontail!
  • Daddy holding me
  • My Pet
  • Day 1
  • I'm all Grown Up!
  • My Pet
  • My Pet
  • Sally
  • Me and My Friend :]
  • My Pet
  • My Pet
  • Jack at 6 weeks
  • Jack in his litter
  • My Pet
  • Sambo
  • My Pet
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