new forest pony

There have been references to the New Forest pony as far back as 1016. Stud books have been in existence since 1906. Thoroughbred and Arab blood has been introduced into the breed from time to time to improve looks and increase height. The areas of the forest occupied by discrete groups of ponies are commonly called "haunts".

The New Forest Pony is one of the recognised nine Mountain and Moorland or Native pony breeds of the British Isles, valued for its hardiness, strength and sureness of foot. Many of them can be seen running loose on the New Forest in southern England; although the ponies may appear wild (which they are to some extent), they are privately owned by Commoners of the New Forest. The ponies are looked after by their owners and the Agisters (employees of the Verderers of the New Forest). The Verderers are a modern statutory body with ancient roots, that shares the management of the forest with the Forestry Commission.


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