newfoundland pony

The ancestors of the Newfoundland pony arrived in Newfoundland from the British Isles. The ancestors include the Welsh Pony, the Galloway Pony (extinct), and the New Forest pony, which adapted well to the similar climate. Over a few centuries, the early pony immigrants interbred (without human management) and merged into one common type, which is now recognized as the Newfoundland pony. In the past, the Newfoundland pony was used for ploughing, assisting with gardens, hauling fishing nets, gathering hay, and carrying wood, and they were also used for transportation. With the advent of mechanisation, the Newfoundland Pony became of little use, and the pony population dropped. The population now numbers fewer than four hundred, and they are now considered critically endangered by Rare Breeds Canada.

The Newfoundland pony is a breed of pony originating in Newfoundland formerly used as a beast of burden. It was considered the all purpose pony, in large part because it has several desirable characteristics: stamina, strength, intelligence, courage, obedience, willingness, and common sense. Newfoundland ponies are generally hard workers and easy keepers.


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