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All Pasos share their heritage with the Peruvian Paso, the American Mustangs, and other descendants of Spanish horses. The two strains as well as paso finos from Cuba and other tropical countries have been interbred frequently to produce today's American Paso Fino show horse.

The Paso Fino is a naturally-gaited horse with a history dating back many centuries to Spain. The Paso Fino is a mix of the Barb, Spanish Jennet, and Andalusian horse and was bred by Spanish land owners in Puerto Rico and Colombia to be used in the plantations because of their endurance and the comfortable ride they provided. The Paso Fino has several different body types from quite small and refined to very large and powerful. The action of the two strains is somewhat different. The Puerto Rican Paso Fino is prized for its fine or delicate step while the Colombian Paso Fino tends to have more of a rapid, piston-like action.


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