Like many old breeds, the Percheron's exact origins are unknown, but it is said that its ancestors were crossbred between the heavy "forest horse" type of animal native to northern Europe and the Arabians that were brought to Europe by the Moors. Percherons probably owe their size and weight to their use as battle mounts during the Middle Ages. After the invention of gunpowder, heavy warhorses were no longer needed, so the Percheron took up its new job pulling heavy French stagecoaches. With the invention of the railroad, Percherons switched to farm duty and heavy labor. It is probably because of this evolution that the modern Percheron is such a versatile and adaptable horse. Today, Percherons serve as logging horses but also are valued as pleasure driving horses, riding horses, and as competitors in both regular horse shows and in draft horse showing.

The Percheron is a breed of powerful rugged draft horses that originated in the Perche valley in northern France.


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