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RH Blazing Secrets aka Tango
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3/4/2011 : The New Place

Today my Mama loaded me up in the horse trailer. I was excited and nervous. We drove for a while, and then came to a stop. As I backed easily out of the horse trailer, I flicked my ears and breathed in the fresh air. I looked around me at all the wide open space, the fresh green grass, the pond. My Mom lead me to a freshly painted red barn, tied me up, and started to brush me. Oh! It felt wonderful but I wanted to explore! She began to talk soothingly to me. "This is your new home, Tang. Look at all this land!" After she finished up brushing, she lead me to a large, enclosed paddock. She slipped off my halter, and I was free again! I kicked my heels, I reared and pranced. Then, I noticed three other horses I had never seen before. Mares! The alpha, a black beauty, cautiously approached. We sniffed and nuzzled over the fence top. She seemed annoyed, and left abruptly. I began to eat the fresh hay put out for me, when I heard the loud motor of a diesel truck approaching. I lifted my head, forwarded my ears, and listened. I saw a familiar face exit the truck as it came to a stop and the motor died. She whistled and yelled my name "Tango!" My trainer walked to the back of her truck, and opened the gate on her horse trailer. I listened as she coaxed, and was ecstatic as I saw the big sorrel gelding exit the horse trailer as easily as I had. My best buddy, Keeper, had taught me a lot and was the ultimate play mate. My trainer gave him a quick brushing and lead him to my pasture. She opened the gate, lead him in, and untied his halter. We played for what seemed like hours, before settling down to the hay left for us. My Mama and my trainer watched for a while, and smiled. They were happy that we were happy with our new home.


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