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5/31/2017 : Greetings my friends!

I have been off line for a bit and I was trying to drop by each page individually, but it is getting late and the task is daunting, so I will do a diary entry to bring everyone up to date.

M'Lady K is proving to be a bit of a challenge in the training department. Puppy classes are not going well. She loses interest after about 15 minutes, but she just turned 5 months old this week, so hopefully that will improve. The exciting news about class this week (which mom was thinking about skipping) is that a visitor showed up to see one of the instructors (who wasn't there that night). This lady (Paula) walks over by mom and M'Lady K and asks her age and before mom could respond, she asks what breeder she came from. Mom told her and Paula exclaims "I have her sister and she's in my car!" Needless to say, Paula got her dog, Dinah, and brought her into class, so class started late as the two sisters checked each other out. My mom, of course, got her cell phone and handed it to one of the instructors to snap some pictures. Mom will have to post one of them. They look so much alike, other than Dinah is larger. She has dad's coloring and size where M'Lady K has mom's size and dad's coloring. After class, Paula and mom chatted and it must have clicked with the girls as they then started playing with each other. After the others left, the two girls were allowed off leash to romp and play for a couple of minutes before the next class came in. Then mom and Paula talked outside again and more pictures were taken by Paula and mom. Paula said she will be back next week for graduation with Dinah to see Mom and M'Lady K again. Mom doesn't want that exactly because Dinah is much better behaved than M'Lady K and mom doesn't want Paula to see that. But in M'Lady K's defense, Dinah has 2 older siblings, an 11-year-old German Shepherd and an Australian Shepherd which are helping Dinah.

We have had a lot of rain, so lawn and garden work has been delayed. We finally got the garden planted Monday. It might be a little late for the peas, but since we had the seeds, mom and dad planted them. Hopefully they will get some fresh peas at least for eating, if not for freezing.

Sometime in July, mom will have a new Police Chief to work under. He is coming from Illinois. This will be chief #5 that she has worked under. Hopefully mom will be retired before this new chief retires. With law enforcement, they can retire at an earlier age, and the last chief and this new chief are both younger than mom.

Hope all my friends and their families are doing well. It will probably be awhile before mom logs back on again, so have a safe and healthy summer. Love & Shepherd hugs, Angel Contessa


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Give her time, she is still a puppy, and we all have different personalities. Dinah might do better, but you will see at the end how good M'Lady K will be!


I think that is remarkable and good that your mom met Paula and Dinah! Don't let her worry about Dinah doing better in puppy class. M'Lady is her own "person" and will mature on HER schedule, noboby elses! Stormy today in Groveland Fl...wind blowing about and thick clouds overhead...thundering can be heard. Any second it's gonna pour! Which would be good 'cuz it's really in a drought state there!