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7/17/2017 : Greetings my friends!

So sorry it's been over a month since I've logged in, but mom has been so busy with M'Lady K. M'Lady K continues to be a challenge and mom has many adjectives to describe her, Sassy pants, barks-a-lot, DD(darn dog) and mom threats to change her name to Sassy as it sure fits her personality. Mom is hoping that she will develop into Majestic Lady K. She is now 6 months old. M'Lady K developed the sneezes and mom was sure something was up her nose so she took her to the vet. Don't you think the vet would look up her nose? No. Instead they told mom she had allergies and wanted to get her allergy meds. Mom is like I know allergies because I suffered from them greatly. They told mom M'Lady K's ears were a little pink and she had a couple of pink spots on her belly. Mom said that is not pink. I've seen pink and that is not pink - that's her normal coloring. Needless to say, she called the holistic vet and got the dosage for my allergy supplements. Well I think mom was right, as a few days after seeing the vet, M'Lady K gave a huge sneeze and after that, no more sneezing! Whatever it was, she got it out on her own. And the funny part was, when mom was checking out from the vet, the tech said at the previous clinic she worked at, a dog was brought in for something up its nose and they looked and couldn't see anything, but as they were paying the bill, the dog did a huge sneeze and out came an 8" piece of blade grass. So even if they would have looked, they might not have seen anything anyway. Then mom got scared because M'Lady K appeared to be choking on something. Mom didn't know what and it was on a Sunday. Mom didn't know what to do, so she just started massaging her throat and then she threw up a piece of something-mom's not sure what and she wasn't about to dissect it - she was just glad it came up and didn't mean a 45 minute trip to the emergency vet. So as you can see M'Lady K is keeping mom very busy. Hopefully when the backyard gets fenced in, M'Lady K can expend more energy and settle down more at night, so mom can get her sleep. Speaking of which, she really should be getting to bed as she has to get up at 4 a.m. tomorrow and M'Lady K had her up at 2:30 this morning. Sorry that I haven't been able to visit each personally on your page. I also want to post a new photo of M'Lady K. Hopefully with the new fence, I will be able to spend a little more time on the computer as M'Lady K relaxes after playtime in the yard. Until my next blog - have a safe & happy summer. God bless you, my friends. Love & Shepherd hugs, Angel Contessa


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M'Lady K, I hope you are settling down and we can get an update on your progress soon.


M'Lady K. certainly IS keeping your mom busy! When the yard is fenced in hopefully she will use up her energy running around....and not digging......