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9/5/2017 : This is a nice place

I have lived here 3 years now, so I do know Linda & Charlie well and both of them are very nice and sweet people...I don't get along well with the other kitties Linda has, especially Kelsee & Sheba, Kali just ignores me and Benny goes on about his business and let's me share his toys and tent.

I now get fed 3 times a day and have plenty of cold fresh water and fresh kibble to munch on...Linda keeps kibble and water on the back porch and Charlie has it in his kitchen for me...I spend the nights in Charlie's cause of Linda's cats, but if it is raining or storming out and Charlie isn't home, Linda lets me stay with her and makes her cats be nice to me.

It is nice to be here and get to meet other animals and I will be putting my blogs out on Tuesday.


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Good team work from Linda and Charlie is making life much better for you!