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9/9/2017 : Danger At The Park

Today was a nightmare! In the morning I was with the big dogs at the park and one pinned me down and tried to pick me up like a puppy it hurt but she didn't do anything bad to me. Everyone was scared trying to get her off


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Scary and not nice, so glad you were not really hurt. I am big, but protect smaller dogs and cats, like Mom's daughter's 3 teacup chihuahuas. Mom says I either think I'm a cat or a a chihuahua!


Oh no, that is very scary! Glad you are ok.


That is very scary to me!! I was once walking on a leash at the Flea market and a big dog jumped on my back I had 2 compressed vertabrea and a fractured Rib.My back and neck have never been the same and I get bad pain in my neck and back fior the rest of my life.Please be very careful .Big dogs can hurt us very easily.Glad you are ok