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4/26/2009 : One busy day!

Wow! I'm still exhausted from yesterday! I woke up and went potty and had my breakfast like I do everyday, but from there the day really took off. First, my mommy and sissy loaded me in the car and took me to the vet. Something about getting me my last puppy shots. Little did I know how much I would hate them! The mean lady they kept calling the vet, stuck me in the neck and my butt!! OUCH!! But it wasn't all bad. They weighed me and I weigh 31 lbs now. No wonder mommy can barely lift me anymore! I also met another dog named Bruiser. I wasn't intimidated by his size or his name. I made eyes at every lady that came in and when they all bent down to talk to me and pet me I rewarded them with kisses. I had them all eating out of my paw! After smothering them with kisses I'd sit and pose and they would all rave about how handsome I am. Loved every minute of that!

Then it was off to the Dairy Queen where I had a pup cone. DEE...LICIOUS!! Vanilla is my fave. I got it all over Sissy when she was feeding me, but was nice enough to lick it off for her. While I was there I met a kid named Brian who also likes vanilla cones and I licked him clean too. I'm such a little helper!

Then it was back into the car. My mom wanted to stop at her friends jewelry store on the way back home. Sissy was holding me and all of the sudden something went pop and then WOW was it stinky. Sissy kept muttering something about my anal gland bursting in her hand. She didn't seem all that pleased and we ran back to the car and hurried home.

As soon as we got home, Sissy threw me in the tub and gave me a bath. She was still muttering something about ass juice and it being stinky. I only tried to jump out of the tub a few times, so Sissy was proud of me. But mostly happy that I didn't stink like "ass juice" anymore. Then Sissy wanted to give herself a bath because she was pretty sure she stunk like the "ass juice" stuff.

After all of this I was exhausted!! So, I took a little nap. When I woke up my big brother Logan and I wanted to go for a golf cart ride. Mommy loaded us up and took us out back. We ran and ran and were having such a good time in the big open field and then BOOM! brother found a baby rabbit. Mommy's not too fast and couldn't get it away from us (good thing we brought her that time!), so we got to eat the bunny. Boy did we get in trouble though!

By now it was getting late and it was time for dinner. I ate like a good boy and even got to try something called pizza. WOW!! So yummy. Then it was time for bed and Sissy said I snored like a human with a deviated septum and a major cold. She's so silly! My snoring doesn't bother ME a bit!

Talk to you all soon!


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That's quite a story! I especially liked the part about your anal glands. I've had that happen too. My mom calls it SAS (Stinky Ass Syndrome).


WOW.....What a day you had maybe get some rest today ya think?!?!?!:) Anyways "Thanks" for the words of encouragement I need all the support I can get. I am getting better and better with the housebreaking thing and am sure to have it mastered in no time at all. My mom is learning along with me as she has had a deaf puppy before but was only blessed enough to have her for 5 months which is how I ended up here so there is good and bad with the loss of Dakota. My mom adopted Koda, an Min. American Eskimo, who is 6.5 months old and a good boy, but he was not deaf so her search continued until she found me. So in a sense it took two dogs to try and fill the empty void left behind by one very special dog who was taken from this earth way too soon. Anyway it all seemed to work out ok as two more very special dogs found their furever home even though Dakota will never be forgotten Koda and myself will leave behind some special memories of our own and we are all blessed to have found one another....Have a good day!


What a day! Wow. I am still laughing but im sure it was no fun for your mommy. I would have wanted to eat the bunny, but dont think I would have. Ive never tasted anything like that. I have ran after a few cats, but mommy yelled at me, bad. One scared me so bad that I shook it and it got hurt and ran away. I am still on my long rope. I wish mom would talk uncle into a fence so I could run. I hate this rope thing. I never got tied out like this before. Mommy says it is to keep me safe, but its not fun and I am mad all day today because of it. I dont listen very good to come back when I am called, so mommy is going to take me far into an open field and let me run and I have to practice to come when she calls. Anyway, it sounds like you had fun part of the day.