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The body is to be small, compact, and close coupled with well rounded hips that are wider than the shoulders. The body top line should rise gradually from the nape of neck to its highest point at the center of the hips and then fall in a smooth curve to the base of the tail. The fur is short, fine, and dense with a flyback coat. The head is medium full and short, with full cheeks. When viewed from the side, there should be a slight curve in the skull from the base of the ears toward the nose, with a slight roundness between the eyes.

First bred in Holland. A small rabbit of about 3 pounds. The red-eyed white (known as REW) is the most common, but they are recognized in the black, blue, chocolate, and BEW (blue-eyed white) varieties. They can also be of the broken variety. The English Polish rabbit has only recently been introduced into the USA, it has a separate classification and is called the Britannia Petite. Varieties: Black, Blue, Broken, Chocolate, BEW, and REW Showroom Classification: 4 Class Breed, Senior Weights Ideal Bucks and Does 2-1 1/2 lb


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