The Poodle is an extremely smart canine despite its reputation for having beauty with no brains. The Poodle is smart, very active, and is consistently one of the most obedient dogs if trained correctly. Poodles are also the only canine that you can find in three different sizes which might be why they've become such a popular breed according to registration statistics. Poodle colors can vary greatly, but never appear parti-colored.

Originating in Germany as a water retriever, the stylish Poodle haircut was created by hunters helping the Poodle move efficiently through the water. Patches of hair are generally left on the Poodle to protect the body's vital organs and joints and also keeps the breed warm. The Miniature Poodle has been used to hunt truffles, and the Toy Poodle was often used in circuses.


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  • Brandy

    Age: 8Y Sex: F

    United States

  • Toby

    Age: 7Y Sex: M

    United States

  • Lily

    Age: 16Y Sex: F

    United States

  • Cooper

    Age: 5Y Sex: M

    United States

  • trixie mae
    trixie mae

    Age: 1Y Sex: F

    United States

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  • My Pet

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