The Pug is known for their even-tempers and extremely playful personalities. They have an out-going and loving disposition. The Pug is a square breed that comes in various colors including; fawn, silver fawn, apricot fawn, black, and more with "mask" on his muzzle. The Pug has become a very popular companion and commonly excels at dog shows and competitions.

Flourishing since 400 B.C., the Pug is one of the oldest dog breeds, which is thought to have originated in Asia. The Pug has similarities to the Pekingese dog, and the earliest known examples are to have come from China. The Pug was commonly a pet among Buddhist monasteries in Tibet. Pugs began to spread to Japan and Europe, and reached a peak in popularity when Prince William II became King of England and owned a number of Pugs making them a very fashionable breed for generations.


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  • Riley

    Age: 5Y Sex: F

    United States

  • boss and lilly
    boss and lilly

    Age: 1Y Sex: M

    United States

  • Mavis

    Age: 1Y Sex: M

    Isle of Man

  • Pixie

    Age: 1Y Sex: F

    Isle of Man

  • Sophie

    Age: 4Y Sex: F

    United States

  • Raven

    Age: 5Y Sex: F

    United States

  • Baymax

    Age: 2Y Sex: M


  • Gabby

    Age: 10Y Sex: F


  • Ms Lilly Ann
    Ms Lilly Ann

    Age: 8Y Sex: F

    United States

  • fiesty

    Age: 5Y Sex: F

    United States

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