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The basic characteristics of the breed are a medium sized horse of gentle temperament with an easy-ambling four-beat gait. This gait made it the horse of choice on the farms and rugged foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. It was a horse for all seasons. It could pull the plows in the small fields, work cattle, be ridden bareback, or be hitched up to a buggy. Because of its rugged upbringing it tolerated the winters in Kentucky with a minimum of shelter. Naturally, outcrossing with local horses did occur, but the basic characteristics of a strong genetic line have continued. In the summer of 1986, as a way of preserving the breed, a number of people got together to form the Rocky Mountain Horse Association (RMHA) as a non-profit corporation in the state of Kentucky. The association established a breed registry and formed a panel of examiners to provide vigorous supervision to the growth and development of the breed.

Around the turn of the century, a young horse soon to be called the Rocky Mountain Horse appeared in eastern Kentucky that gave rise to a line of horses prized by North American and European owners. On the farm of Sam Tuttle in Spout Springs Kentucky, there stood a stallion "Old Tobe". This sure footed, gentle horse carried young, old, and inexperienced riders over the rugged mountain trails of Natural Bridge State Park where Sam held the concession for horse-back riding. Even though Old Tobe was a breeding stallion, he carried riders without faltering. He fathered many fine horses up until the age of 37, and many of the present Rocky Mountain Horses carry his bloodline.


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