russian don

The Don probably originated in the 18th and 19th centuries from crosses between the Mongolian horses and the Turkoman Horse, Karabakh, Akhal-Teke and Orlov Trotter stallions. The breed is well-known for their hardiness from the military campaigns of 1812-1814, when the Cossacks drove Napoleon's troops from Russia. The Don survived the extreme cold and harsh winters. Selective breeding for the Don began in the 1830s. They were primarily bred for cavalry mounts and for use in harness. Thoroughbred and Arabian blood was added in the 20th century, but since then the breed has remained relatively untouched. Breeders are currently trying to get rid of the major conformational faults common in the Don, including sickle hocks and calf knees.

The Russian Don is a breed of horse named after the steppes region of Russia where the Don River flows.


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