satin rabbit

They have beautiful colors with fur that can be worked into many beautiful items. They are the most popular of the commercial type rabbits exhibited in America today, and good quality stock can be found almost everywhere.

Weighing 8-11 pounds, the Satin is reccognized in 11 varieties by the ARBA. A genetic mutation found first in a litter of Havanas, the Satin fur is distinguished by a glass clear sheath to their guard hairs giving them a very high sheen. They are a commercial type rabbit, with one of the best meat to bone ratios. Excellent mothers, easy breeders and good growth rate makes them a very good choice for backyard meat production.


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  • Alice

    Age: 6Y Sex: F

    United States

  • Chewy

    Age: 8Y Sex: M

    United States

  • Panda

    Age: 10Y Sex: M


  • Mooney

    Age: 10Y Sex: F


  • MooMoo

    Age: 9Y Sex: F


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  • Chewy!!!!!!

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