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The Selle Franšais was named a breed in 1958, with its first stud book published in 1965. The Selle Franšais was created by crossing regional breeds with trotters, Thoroughbreds, Arabians, and Anglo-Arabians. All stock was registered in the stud book with pedigrees tracing back generations, making the Selle Franšais one of the few Warmblood breeds to have received very little foreign blood. The most influential breed was the Anglo-Norman, developed in Normandy in the 19th century by crossing Norfolk Trotter, Thoroughbred, and Arabian stallions to refine the local mares (which themselves traced back to the medieval Norman war-horse). About 90 per cent of today's Selle Franšais trace back to this breed. Other regional breeds used to influence the Selle Franšais were the Charolais, Corlay, Vendee, Anjou, Ain, and Ardennes. A small number of Thoroughbred stallions influenced the breed. The first was Orange Peel who stood at the national stud from 1925 to 1940. His grandson, Ibrahim, also had a great influence on the Selle Franšais. Furioso, who is thought to be the most influential Thoroughbred in warmblood breeding, Rantzau and Ultimate were also incredibly important in the Selle Franšais breed. The names of these three Thoroughbred sires can be found in virtually every successful modern Selle Franšais.

The Selle Franšais (pronunciation close to "Sell-fran-SAY") is France's most important sport horse. It is renowned primarily for its success in show jumping, but many have also been successful in dressage and eventing.


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