shagya arabian

The founding sire was Shagya, a partbred Arabian stallion with some ancestors of the Kehilan and Siglavy strains. Born in Syria in 1830, he was taller than the average Arabian of the time,standing 15.2-1/2 hands high (62 1/2 inches at the withers). Another feature that set him apart from other Arabian horses was his coloration. Shagya had a distinctive cream color, which was further evidence that he was not a purebred, because purebred Arabians do not carry dilution genes. Because Shagya, while a fine animal, was not a purebred Arabian, he and all his descendants could not be recorded as purebred Arabians once his lack of Asil ancestry was fully understood. However, the quality of his get were such that a new breed was formed of his descendants.

The Shagya Arabian was developed in the 19th century in the Kingdom of Hungary during the 19th century at the Bábolna and Mezohegyes studs. Today it is bred in the Czech Republic, Austria, Romania, the former Yugoslavian countries, Poland, Germany, and Hungary.


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