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Most Spotted Saddle horses are about 15 hands high, though they can range from 13.3-15.2 hands high. A Spotted Saddle horse's head is of moderate length, refined, with a soft, gentle expression, and straight to slightly convex. The eyes are wide set, with a soft expression. Ears are moderately long, set well up on the head, and carried alertly. The neck is very slightly arched, muscular but trim, of moderate length, carried high, and with a good head carriage. The chest is of moderate width, and well muscled. Most Spotted Saddle horses have white hooves, though some are striped with black. Their hindquarters are broad and well muscled. Their are typically gentle and easy to handle.

The Spotted Saddle horse was developed by crossing Spanish-American type pinto horses with gaited breeds (such as the Tennessee Walking Horse) to produce a colorful horse that was smooth gaited and possessed strength and stamina.


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