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The Swedish Warmblood originated from the imports of horses into Sweden around the 17th century. Spanish and Friesian imports produced active and strong horses when crossed with the local mares who were small and rough. In the 19th and 20th centuries, Thoroughbred, Arabian, Hanoverian, and Trakehner blood was introduced to the horses. They used the best Thoroughbred horses available. By using these horses, large and powerful horses were created. The decade from 1920 to 1930 was an important decade in the development of the breed. The three most noticeable influences on the breed were Tribun, Hamlet, and Thoroughbred Hamplemann, all Hanoverians Schwabliso. After 1945, the Trakehners Heristal, Heinfried, Anno, and Polarstern had a dominant effect upon the breed. Heristal was a descendant of the great English racehorse Hyperion. He produced 15 stallions and 44 mares that were entered in the studbook.

The Swedish Warmblood is a horse that was developed at Strömsholm and Flyinge. It descends from imported stock in the 17th century. The horses imported to Sweden were from Denmark, Germany, England, Hungary, France, Russia, Spain, and Turkey. These horses were extraordinarily varied, but along the way became the Swedish Warmblood.


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