taylor's salamander

Taylor's salamander is found only in Laguna Alchichica, a high-altitude crater lake 24 miles southwest of Perote, Puebla, Mexico. It was described in 1982 by Brandon, Maruska, and Rumph, and named for Edward Harrison Taylor. However, the species had been known to science long before then. Taylor himself attempted to describe the species as Ambystoma subsalsum in 1943, but mistakenly used a Mexican tiger salamander as the holotype. This rendered the name invalid, and made into a synonym for the tiger salamander. James Anderson extensively catalogued "subsalsum" in his 1960's field-work, applying the name to actual population that now comprises taylori.

Taylor's salamander, Ambystoma taylori, is a neotenic salamander species from Puebla, Mexico.


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