thrianta rabbit

Thrianta rabbits normally weigh between 4 and 6 pounds. They have beautiful fur and are very friendly and curious. An ideal pet for responsible children.

The Thrianta is a beautiful orange breed of rabbit. It originated in the Netherlands and was produced by Mr Andrea. Thrianta rabbits are sometimes cross bred with the Sachsengold (which was developed in Germany by a breeder called Mr Bennack). The Sachsengold was very similar to the Thrianta, but the colour is not nearly as intense, have a longer body type, and snipper heads. This cross breeding was intended to deepen the Sachsengold's colour. The Sachsengold was mistakenly thought to be renamed the Thrianta in 1979 how ever this is untrue. One of the first importers to the USA of these rabbits was Judith Oldenburg, of Iowa. She selected some of the finest stock that could be had at the time, which contained no Sachsengold blood. Almost all of the best stock in America can be traced back to her imported rabbits.


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