travancore cat skink

Palatine and pterygoid bones in contact on the median line of the palate, which is toothless;palatine notch small, far behind , corresponding to the posterior notch of the tongue. Teeth conical. Eyelids well developed, scaly. Ear-opening distinct. Nostril pierced in a single nasal; no supranasals; prefrontals small or coalesced; frontoparietals and interparietal distinct. Limbs well developed, anterior with 4, posterior with 5 digits; claws completely retractile into a large compressed sheath formed of one large scale cleft beneath. Found in the Western Ghats of southern India.

Travancore Ristella (Ristella travancorica) is a species of skink endemic to the Western Ghats. It is also called the Travancore Cat Skink.


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