Developed in the Western Cape, Vlaamperde originated from a 19th century horse, the "Hantam Horse', which came into being though the use of English Thoroughbred and Arabian stallions on local Cape mares. At the beginning of this century several Friesian stallions were imported to South Africa and used on the Hantam mares. East-Friesian, Oldenburg and Cleveland Bay stallions were also used and some of the distinctive characteristics of these breeds are still found in the modern SA Vlaamperd. At the beginning of this century, the Dutch government prohibited the exportation of Friesian horses from the Netherlands and to side-step this law, Friesian horses were shipped from the Belgian port of Antwerp in Flanders. As a result of this, Friesian horses became known as 'Vlaamse perde' in South Africa and the name was later adopted by the Vlaamperd Breed Society. The Vlaamperd is used for riding but with its good nature, graceful conduct and stylish high stepping action, excels as a carriage driving horse.

The Vlaamperd horse breed is nearly extinct. Developed as a draft and riding animal in South Africa, the breed was formed by Friesian blood infused with Thoroughbred, Hackney (horse) and Cape Harness horse blood.


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