The warmbloods are named for the countries and regions from which they were bred and where the studbooks are kept. The original warmbloods were bred to be an all purpose agricultural, riding, carriage, and cavalry horse. In the twentieth century, the European breeders began refining their horses to produce a large framed, correct horse with superior movement and a willing temperament. The result is apparent in the principal warmbloods which include the Irish Sports Horse, Hanoverian, Holsteiner, Trakehner, Oldenburger, Selle Franšais, the Dutch, Polish Warmblood, Danish, and Swedish Warmbloods. The main difference in the breeding of warmbloods, is the rigorous documentation, selection and testing for breeding stock. There is mandatory performance testing for all stock with the emphasis placed on temperament and rideability. Although the warmbloods are still capable to be all around horses, they excel in dressage and show jumping.

Warmbloods are a group of sport horse breeds and the term simply distinguishes this type of horse from the "cold bloods" (draft horses) and the "hot bloods" (Thoroughbreds and Arabians). Sport horse refers to the intended use of the breed -- as a competitive and recreational horse for the major international equestrian disciplines of dressage, show jumping, eventing and combined driving.


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