The Württemberger was developed at the Marbach state stud in Germany in the 17th century. At this time, the stud wanted to breed very versatile horses for riding and driving. The original Württemberger was produced from crosses between local mares and Arabian stallions. Later, Trakehner, Anglo-Norman, Friesian, Andalusian, Barb, and Suffolk Punch blood was added. The Anglo-Norman stallion Faust was one of the most influential sires. Cobby in type, he is largely responsible for the original shape of the breed. The Württemberger was originally more cob-like in conformation, and were suitable for draft and farm work, as well as riding. Their stud book was formed in 1895. However, there has been a steady change in type towards a lighter sport horse. Trakehner blood has been very influential, most notably from the stallion Julmond.

The Württemberger or Württemberg is a light breed of horse from Germany. They make very good riding horses, excelling at dressage and show jumping.


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